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Undergraduate Courses Taught

The Geography of Race in the United States (GEOG 114), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Economic Geography (GEOG 315), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The Geography of Cities and Metropolitan Areas (GEOG 441), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Introduction to Human Geography (GEOG 105), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Perspectives in Geography (Undergraduate Capstone Research Course) (GEOG 600), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Graduate Courses Taught

Critical Geographies of Race (GEOG 905), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Qualitative Research Methods (GEOG 700), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The Internal Structure of the City (GEOG/URB ST 945), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Graduate Research Directed

Committee Chair (PhD)
Yui Hashimoto (Geography, active), "Theorizing fast food workers and the Fight for 15: Gendered and racialized low-wage work and the politics of social reproduction"
Rebecca Wolfe (Geography, active), "Situating Co-ops: The urban and racial geographies of co-operative development"
Jeremy Sorenson (Geography, 2013), "Food Fight: Sharing Meals and Confronting Biopolitcs in the Disciplinary City"

Committee Chair (MA)
Shannon Kelly, (Urban Studies, 2014)
Daniel Toth (Urban Studies, 2012)
Rodney Rankin (Geography, 2013)

Committee Member (PhD)
Ryan Covington (Geography, active)
Patricia Najera (Urban Studies, active)
Mark Rice (Urban Studies, active)
Nick Schultke (Geography, active)
Meghan McDonald (Urban Studies, active)
Nicholas Padilla (Geography, active)
Margaret Pettigrove (Geography, active)
Megan Zienkiwicz (Urban Studies, active)
Gregg Culver (Geography, 2014)
Jonathan Burkam (Geography, 2012)

Committee Member (MA)
Nick Schultke (Geography, 2014)
Neal Johnson (Urban Studies, 2014)
Carrie Philpott (Geography, 2012)
Rebecca Nole (Urban Studies, 2012)
Andrew Krystowiak (Urban Studies, 2011)
Margaret Pettigrove (Geography, 2011)
Nichole Yunk (Urban Studies, 2009)
Melissa Herguth (Urban Studies, 2009)